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We represent the consumer exclusively, and resolution to help clients minimize monthly payments, cut total debt balances, provide an alternative to bankruptcy, and re-establish solid financial footing as quickly as possible. The Debt Resolution Program negotiates with unsecured creditors, resulting in resolving clients of debt balances less than the full balance owed.

Many years ago the Founders of Freedom Financial met while in Business School at Stanford University. They had recognized the huge burden that personal debt had placed on Americans. So they decided to use their financial advisory experience to create a company that was unique. Instead of lowering interest rates or shifting unsecured debt to secured debt, Freedom pioneered an innovative process to cut the total amount of unsecured debt, such as credit card debt. By using our relationship with creditors, we succeed in negotiating down debt balance and payments for each consumer.  However, not everyone qualifies for our "Debt Reduction Program". We stringently qualify and underwrite our customers, and only accept consumers that meet our guidelines.

Our representatives work with each consumer individually. First we determine your eligibility for the "Debt Reduction Program," then we set up an affordable payment plan that fits within your budget, and ultimately get you out of debt.

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