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Debt- Settlement - 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Company

Debt settlement is a popular option to reduce one’s debt. Highly indebted people choose this option because of the growing debt charges that they can no longer manage to pay in full. To be free of debt is one of the debt settlement companies’ promises. This may be a nice thing to hear but you must be careful enough in choosing a good debt settlement company so that you can be debt free in the shortest time possible and not end up in bankruptcy.

These are the checklist in choosing the right debt settlement company:

A debt settlement company that can be trusted
You must have a background check regarding the debt settlement company that you are considering. You can ask close friends and relatives with debt settlement experiences if they had tested this company and ask them to give an honest advanced critique of the company and its services. Are there authentic testimonies testifying the credibility of the company? Are there issues and rampant complaints and scandals against the company? You must avoid companies that have overwhelming complaints and scam scandals. The company must have a clean name.

A reasonable cost for the service
You are basically on a tight budget and the cost of the debt settlement service must be strictly considered. The cost for the debt settlement must be affordable and realistic. You must know all the information on the services and guarantees of the company before agreeing on a certain cost. Avoid signing up on debt settlement programs that you can not afford just because it sounds good and you are desperate. You may end up in a worst situation if you do this.

A debt settlement company that is a member of BBB and accredited by TASC
Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a list of debt settlement companies including their background of services. If the company you are considering is not even a member of this bureau, how can you know them and their history? In BBB, it is good to find that the company is over 10 years and has helped many people. Companies that exist for one or two years may be a scam threat for scam companies usually do not last for several years. A debt settlement company that is accredited by The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) can be a good company because the competitiveness and reliability of that company was freely evaluated by a third party.

Expert and experienced arbitrators
Debt settlement arbitrators must be well knowledgeable about the credit laws and myths as well as experienced in the debt settlement industry. An arbitrator that is certified by The International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) has advantages for they had undergone trainings of different topics from credit history to state and federal credit regulations.

A debt settlement company that offers bankruptcy assistance
In case the negotiations fail, is there a guaranteed assistance from the debt settlement company you are considering? It would be better if that company can assure a refund to pay for the bankruptcy attorney at least.

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