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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Budget

A budget is a useful tool that indicates your present financial condition and projects into your future. You need a budget for several reasons.

Top 5 reasons to need a budget

A budget serves two purposes. It realistically reflects your existing financial condition and projects into your future proceeding on some reasonable predictions. A well organized budget helps a person in solving many of his/her financial problems. There are several reasons why you need a budget. Here are a few of them.

First, a budget is like a roadmap – both a useful tool and an honest guide. It tries to let you known if the direction you are headed in is appropriate in the context of your existing financial situation. A budget helps you to stop unnecessary and whimsical spending and rely on saving and financial planning instead. Unless you have a roadmap for reaching your goals and objectives, it becomes difficult for you to have a clear idea of the progress you have made. That makes your chances of success really remote. Like a big corporate house depends on its budget for success, you too should have a well made budget if you want financial success in your life.

Second, you need a budget because it enables you to establish control over your money and not the other way around.

Third, another important reason why you need a budget is to improve your marital relationship. Who doesn’t know that money is the root cause of most marital discords? A budget is a neutral tool that takes no sides and helps both of you to communicate rationally about monetary affairs. It can provide you with a common purpose and minimize fights over money.

Ready for emergencies

Fourth, you need a budget because it keeps you prepared for unforeseen emergencies. The main reasons for bankruptcy are sudden unanticipated expenses or loss of employment. If you have an emergency fund thanks to your budget, you are likely to tide over a crisis that could otherwise ruin you financially.

Fifth, once you prepare a budget, you learn to spend on essential items that you really need, and avoid splurging on unnecessary items.

Sixth, yet another important reason you need a budget is that it could help you get out or stay out of debt.

Seventh, a budget gives you something that is difficult to quantify: peace of mind. It ensures you a worry-free sleep at night without the help of tranquilizers.

So begin budgeting as soon as you can. Do your homework and collect budgeting advice available in bookstores and on the Internet. Then find out how it gradually changes your life for the better.

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